UCL Residency

From 2019-2020 I was artist in residence at UCL’s Plastic Waste Innovation Hub, which is trying to find solutions to the plastic waste crisis. During my residency, I visited and made sketches in labs, recycling facilities, historic and operational landfill sites and anaerobic digesters, drew everything I threw away (until I was overwhelmed with the task), collected belly button fluff to analyse its plastic content, created figures out of “biodegradable” plastic and observed them as they broke down (or didn’t) in a compost heap. My major piece though was an illustrated book for children called One Pop Bottle which I wrote with Mark Miodownik, explaining how plastic is made and recycled, with the intention of engaging people in this complex system and the role they play in it. I then took the book into schools and delivered a workshop explaining some of the science behind the plastic.